Reading it all

How do you keep up with everything you need/want to read?

Even if it wasn’t for the myriad side-interests I have, the amount of stuff I have to read within my current field is enormous.

  • Technology changes
  • Regulatory and legal changes
  • New competitors
  • New products
  • New thoughts and ideas

It seems that unless there’s some discipline applied, reading chores can quickly snowball into zero productivity time wasting events.

Currently, I’m trying to do the same thing with my reading that I do with my writing. There’s a 1 hour block in my day for reading. I have stuff queued up in Evernote, where I tag items as read as I go through them. At the end of the hour, I stop and go to my next thing. Part of me gets frustrated at stop-time. I could easily go an entire day reading. But over the course of a week, I’m actually amazed at how much I read.

So far, so good.

What do you do to manage all the stuff you want to read?

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  1. Courtney Engle Robertson on May 20, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    I keep my reading and social networking dedicated time to 8-10am with a set checklist of where to look for new content. My checklist of things to see changes daily. I queue up anything worth sharing, and only check back if I’m waiting on something (like a video) to finish processing. Likewise, I often write my blog posts ahead and even some social media updates. Otherwise, I’d spend my days chasing what’s new and shiny or complaining about slow news days. I set the schedule rather than being subjected to whatever comes.

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