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Dave Saunders is a business startup and technology strategist.

He is a veteran of the Internet industry first working at a computer software startup (before .com meant anything other than the end of a domain name) doing technical support, writing documentation and writing software in the evening. During office hours, he also interacted frequently with the marketing and sales staff to ensure the products were matching customer expectations and, more importantly, the perception of the customer. While he enjoyed technology, he also had a bigger passion for how people made use of technology and how they interacted with each other through it.

Since beginning his career more than 20 years ago, Dave Saunders has become a celebrated speaker on a number of topics that are vital to people in many walks of life. Dave is noted for his ability to grab and keep the attention of an audience because he speaks with wisdom, clarity, and humor.

Dave likes people and understands them. The very nature of his getting-down-to-basic style strikes a cord with listeners, and he is able to get his message across whether he’s speaking before a large or small crowd, in person or via the radio or television. Word of mouth has spread Dave’s fame. His speaking engagements include not only longtime clients and repeat clients, but an ever-expanding circle of new clients who can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

Dave got his start in technology just before the tech boom, which he saw coming. He understood then what everyone knows now: new technology gives us the ability to change our lives, our business, and the world. Among the many trade shows that put Dave in front of an audience were two industry giants – InterOp and TCP/IP. In this capacity, he has spoken in topics ranging from Cryptography to next generation Internet technologies.

In addition, Dave was a product and Internet technology evangelist with Ascend Communications, the Alameda, California-based manufacturer of communications equipment. Dave’s work helped spread the word about the company, which was later purchased by Lucent Technologies, and was noted for its design and manufacture of equipment for high density dialup installations in the infancy of the Internet.

More recently, Dave has become noted for his work on the wellness front. He taught nutritional biochemistry to doctors and their patients at Anne Arundel Medical Center near Baltimore. After his success in this arena, he hosted for three years a wellness call-in program called the "Sunday Night Wellness Call."

Because of his ability to create pictures for the audience with his words, he has been a guest on a number of radio programs, including stints earlier this year on Los Angeles radio’s 97.1 Home Owners Roundtable Show and San Diego’s KCEO.

Always eager to hone his skills as a speaker, Dave has been an active participant in Toastmasters, winning first place in the Toastmaster’s International Speech Contest, Area 36 and second place in Division C this year. He also supports the efforts of budding speakers, serving as the current vice president and president-elect of the Capital Toastmasters I club. That club, with more than 50 years under its belt, is the oldest Toastmasters club in the DC Metro area. Dave is currently rated as an "advanced communicator Bronze" with Toastmasters.

Dave’s capacity to share with audiences a message – whether that message is informational or motivational – is amazing. He draws upon a practical understanding of business and an ability to draw from life’s experiences to help others move ahead, which makes him a valuable speaker asset for the hearts, minds, and spirits of individuals or organizations.

After being born and raised in upstate NY, in the shadow of Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame, Dave Saunders ventured out, living in Seattle, Washington, and Topeka, Kansas before settling in Northern Virginia where he has lived for nearly two decades.

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