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Taking vid.ly’s super encoder for a spin

A new service from encoder.com was released today called vid.ly Upload a video to vid.ly and they will encode it into a bunch of format and give you an HTML5 universal embed code which lets you share that video with a very long list of devices. To try it out, I uploaded a 4:26 minute…Continue Reading

Being “on message” vs authenticity

If you’re a politician or a PR wonk from a major industry, you probably obsess over one thing: being “on message.” After all, a group of copywriters spent a long time crafting your message. You’d better make sure that–even if you’re asking for directions to the bathroom–you’re communicating it constantly. Unfortunately, being on message tends…Continue Reading

The way of the samurai: Master something and make it your passion

One of the things I love about Kurosawa samurai films is the way mastery shows itself through so many of the people. The samurai aren’t just into swordplay—though the movies wouldn’t be as much fun if there wasn’t plenty of that—but also show an appreciation for understanding the world around them. That attitude of mastery…Continue Reading

Terms that make me chuckle: Survivorship bias

Survivorship bias is based on the claim there is a logic error in concentrating on the people or things that "survived"—or succeeded— some process and overlooking all the failures from the same system. It’s often used to beat up on anyone who writes a book on investment or business strategy. The reality is that most…Continue Reading

Skip the meetings and collaborate online

There are more and more reasons to skip meetings and collaborate online instead. Time, gas and traffic are good enough reasons on their own to stay put and meet online. I think the reason people still insist on meeting face-to-face for every little thing is because they don’t know what alternatives are available. I don’t…Continue Reading