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Is Feedback Killing Your Results?

For the last couple of weeks of December I listened to my collection of recordings from notorious grump and marketing master Jedi Dan Kennedy. During one discussion he mentioned how he never has “feedback forms” available for the audience. Why? Because a.) he doesn’t really care about their input. If people are buying, he’s doingContinue Reading

Position Yourself for Online Success Through Personal Brand Positioning

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, building your brand is the best way to ensure that in all of your business dealings you provide massive and exceptional value beyond the expectations of your customers. Your brand package needs to communicate who you are and create a reputation of excellence.Continue Reading

What’s 2010 Look Like for Yahoo?

If Google is the Godzilla of the search market and Bing is Mechazilla, Yahoo! is Mothra: Kind of sad and dorky looking but people still know who he (it) is. Of course, it wasn’t always that way. I remember when people talked about Google as being a “pipe dream” if founders Larry Page and SergeyContinue Reading

370 Passwords Twitter Won’t Let You Use, and No One Else Should Either

From the “huh, that’s kind of odd” category, Twitter has hard-coded 370 passwords that you may not use. To check it out, simply visit the sign up page, view source and look for the source code that starts out like this… <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ twttr.BANNED_PASSWORDS = ["111111","11111111","112233","121212"… The entire list is there for you toContinue Reading

That’s Right, it’s SMART Goals Time

With 2010 upon us (I am so ready for a new decade), it’s a good time to set some goals for the coming year(s). Of course, any time is a good time to set new goals, but the near-universal slack time of December’s end seems to spark the desire in many to look ahead. GoalContinue Reading

How’s this for a successful effort rebooting a personal brand?

Back in 1901, the first Nobel Prize was awarded. Alfred Nobel set the prize into motion using his fortune largely earned from his invention of dynamite. Amazingly enough dynamite was actually a safety improvement over highly volatile nitroglycerine which was under heavy use at the time. Dynamite could be used for the many earthworks effortsContinue Reading



Personal Brand, Professional Brand – What’s the Difference?

What do you think is the difference between your professional brand and your personal brand? Well, think about who you are at home and when you’re away from the office. How do you spend your free time? And how do you like to interact with your family and friends? That is your personal brand.Continue Reading

How To Calculate the ROI of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of designing any website. It’s essential in your marketing and branding strategies as well. But the $64,000 question is “how to I calculate the return on investment for my SEO efforts?” Good question. This SEOTalk episode (episode 4) covers the strategy behind quantifying your SEO efforts. Having theseContinue Reading

Shifting Perceptions in Brands

When I lived in Seattle, a long time ago, there were a handful of Starbucks mixed in with the multitude of coffee shops all over the city. (If someone remembers the name of the place around U Dub with the “Toast Art” please remind me in the comments below.) Anyway, I remember Starbucks as beingContinue Reading