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Do You See What I See?

I ran into this picture while trolling along with StumbleUpon. It caught my breath and an “ohhhh” escaped my lips. It only took a split second to like this picture and I quickly made it my desktop picture. It just clicked. As I examine the picture some more, different elements sink in. I like the… Continue Reading

Avoiding Burnout

While flipping through headlines with Feedly (ok, while ‘x’ing out dozens of articles in the blink of an eye, without reading them, using Feedly), I stopped at this Life Hack article: 11 Simple Ways To Avoid Burnout All great ideas, but it was #5 that made me laugh. Write a Manifesto Wow, I typically use… Continue Reading

Which Card Do I use to Pay Attention?

If you could pay attention through payments on a special card, what would your balance look like? Overdrawn? Creditors beating down your door? The word attention comes from a Greek word which means “to attend". To me that really brings home the fact that paying attention to something is not the passive act many have… Continue Reading

Is Feedback Killing Your Results?

For the last couple of weeks of December I listened to my collection of recordings from notorious grump and marketing master Jedi Dan Kennedy. During one discussion he mentioned how he never has “feedback forms” available for the audience. Why? Because a.) he doesn’t really care about their input. If people are buying, he’s doing… Continue Reading

370 Passwords Twitter Won’t Let You Use, and No One Else Should Either

From the “huh, that’s kind of odd” category, Twitter has hard-coded 370 passwords that you may not use. To check it out, simply visit the sign up page, view source and look for the source code that starts out like this… <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ twttr.BANNED_PASSWORDS = ["111111","11111111","112233","121212"… The entire list is there for you to… Continue Reading