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Embracing Change: How Leaders Can Navigate the Impact of Large Language Models in the Workplace

“AI: 3 Important Considerations for Leaders as Large Language Models Transform Business” by David Elliott, Senior Writer at Forum Agenda, highlights the transformative impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT on businesses and jobs. The article, dated January 8, 2024, addresses the potential automation of jobs involving routine language use, and the augmentation of roles requiring abstract reasoning and problem-solving. Key points include:

  1. Job Change and Displacement Risk: LLMs could automate tasks in jobs with routine language use. Organizations should support workers through transitions by using predictive analytics to identify affected roles, creating internal job marketplaces, and fostering a culture valuing flexibility and diverse work experiences.
  2. Job Quality: LLMs might enhance job quality by fostering creativity and decision-making. Effective deployment requires inclusive governance, involving diverse teams in development, and transparent frameworks for LLM use.
  3. Skilling and Learning: With an estimated 44% of workers’ skills disrupted in five years, training should focus on analytical skills, creative thinking, technology literacy, and lifelong learning. Work-based learning opportunities and a skills-first approach in hiring can address skill disruptions and encourage LLM fluency.

This article is part of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and aligns with the World Economic Forum’s efforts to explore AI’s impact on industries and global issues.

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