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Roadmap for learning AI

If you’re interested in learning, AI, this is a pretty handy guide for getting started. It does it from the perspective of someone that has some computer coding background, but if you’re just interested in understanding, how a IDLE works, I think you can skip steps like learning Python, and still benefit from this roadmap.

It provides a comprehensive roadmap for enhancing AI skills, catering to beginners without prior knowledge in machine learning, mathematics, or programming. The post highlights the importance of learning AI due to advancements in algorithms, computing power, and data availability, with a focus on Generative AI, a subset of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

The roadmap includes technical aspects like learning Python, understanding IDEs, and utilizing Git for version control. It also covers the importance of APIs, essential for integrating AI models like ChatGPT into systems. Theoretical fundamentals are discussed, including neural networks, deep learning, and key AI concepts. The article encourages building real-world projects for practical experience and suggests developing mental models and specializing in AI areas.

Overall, the post is a guide for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills in AI, particularly in areas like ChatGPT and other AI technologies, and emphasizes the need for understanding and adapting to AI advancements.






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