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New thoughts on the fruit coming from the roots

BE->DO->HAVE is the equivalent of the fruit coming from the roots, which is found in scripture.

There’s also the thought that if you don’t like the fruit you’re bearing (the HAVE), you can choose new roots.

Another way of saying this is that if you don’t like your values, choose different ones.

All this is true, and at the same time it’s a lie.

The truth is we are created with the right roots.

They were right to begin with.

They never need to be changed.

They need to be revealed and the roots we created–which block off those original and perfect creations–need to be pulled up. Our personally created roots choke off the fruits of our perfect creation.

As we go through life we choose roots that clog up that creation. We transplant those roots from the news, people at work, well-meaning friends, celebrity headlines and countless other sources of complete and total BS.

All of these things are in conflict with the gentle, loving and supportive roots which we’ve had since birth. Doing what a gentle, loving, and supportive person does seems out of place in much of the world, so we add filters to those roots in an effort to fit in and make our fruits match what the world tells us they’re supposed to look like.

Eventually, we don’t even remember what our original BE/roots/values were.

We do anything we can think of to fix the problem.

Maybe if I support the other candidate, drive the different car, and get a different job then I’ll be happy and fulfilled.

The commercials say so, right?

Maybe if I have better hair, whiter teeth, and those cool new glasses that candidate has, I’ll suddenly have my breakthrough.

How’s that working for you?

Seriously, am I the only one that’s gone through this?

We’re told that we need to look and act a certain way. We need to be seen winning the blue ribbon at all costs.

Who tells us these things?

It’s the other clones. And they will stop at nothing to prevent us from breaking free.

I have nothing against enjoying life.

I’m totally in support of it.

My point is that when you’re coming from your core inner values, you may find that the fancy car doesn’t excite you. Perhaps you find it does. Either way is good as long as it’s authentic.

Have you ever noticed that the people with free and authentic personalities never tell you to conform and fall into line with the other clones?

Only the clones tell you to act like they do.

There are so many of them, it’s hard not to listen.

In the book The Millionaire Next Door, the author cites studies showing that most millionaires never buy cars new. They’re not being cheap. They’re being smart. Compare that to the people at the office, and next door, who got 0% APR on their brand new car.

Recently I’ve given classes on personal branding and marketing where discussions with people who are struggling to stand out have led to amazingly consistent revelations. What each person needs to be distinctive and relevant to others is right there! The view is blocked by weeds growing up from the typical lies.

“I don’t have the right knowledge.”
“I’m too fat.”
“I’m not bold enough.”
“I live in the wrong house.”
“I don’t drive the right car.”
“Nobody listens to me.”
“I don’t know know how.”

blah blah blah

What amazing breakthrough I see happen as people see that everything they need has been in their path. I’m just a facilitator. These people already have every thing they need.

I sure needed someone else to help me do it for myself though.


How about you? Do you still struggle with this or did you break through?

Please leave a comment below.