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Fun with Word Clouds

I was playing with Word Clouds over at wordle.net and decided to paste chapters from different books into Wordle to see what came out. Here’s chapter 2 from http://www.davesaunders.net/blog/tgr/. Ok, that was fun. Here’s the first few pages from the book “Health, Success and Happiness for You.” Another book “Using Charts to Improve Profits.” The… Continue Reading

The true nature of social media

As the Internet continues to grow and expand social Media Properties like twitter and Facebook have become destination sites for many people.  Fortune 500 companies are even beginning to shift some of their marketing dollars to social media marketing.  Artists and celebrities are also discovering social media.  While some media moguls clearly have no idea… Continue Reading

How to get the right keywords

No matter what your marketing strategy is for developing your online presence, knowing what people are looking for gives you valuable insight into what you should be talking about. Using free tools, you can find the top, most searched keywords and then write content to match with it. How to find keywords is easier than… Continue Reading

Silence Really Is Golden

There’s a lot of chatter these days. People are constantly bombarded with communications from dozens of sources, and it doesn’t end when you leave the office. More than ever, we are persistently on the job. It’s exhausting. For me personally, I delete hundreds of emails unread every day, because I simply don’t have the time… Continue Reading

Your Comeback: It Can Happen

Britney Spears recently made an amazing comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards. The pop princess of the early part of the decade has emerged victorious from head-shaving, crotch-flashing, public-ranting nuttiness – all topped with the proverbial cherry of last year’s VMA opening, replete with poor styling, bad dancing, and the appearance of not even… Continue Reading

Why Brand Yourself?

Has someone else ever decided for you: who you are, what you’re good at, what you should be doing in your career, etc., thereby limiting you and your success? You’re not alone! Those people branded you! But you can get it back and brand yourself. Learn some of the secrets of branding yourself (without getting… Continue Reading

Your Facebook Nightmare

Facebook, MySpace and the many other social media “hangouts” are such great concepts. A forum in which to advertise yourself at no cost is beneficial for anyone. It would also appear – at first glance – that being able to link yourself to hundreds, even thousands, of friends and colleagues is beneficial. Think again. Facebook… Continue Reading