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The Social Media Manifesto

With 5 of the top 10 web sites, according to Alexa rankings, being social media sites, it’s pretty clear that change is coming.

Change is already here.

How this change affects your business and even how you find your next job is detailed in my new report “The Social Media Manifesto.” Download your own copy of this free report here.

People on the Internet are moving away from using search engine results as a way of doing “research” and finding solution providers for their needs. Instead they’re going to social media sites and talking with others about those problems and solutions.

This is turning mass media on its head too.

The search engine companies recognize this too. Of the top 5 social media sites, Google has already purchased 3. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch even reflected this recognition in Forbes magazine in this statement regarding how he sees people today, “They are no longer content to be a passive audience; they insist on being participants, on creating their own material and finding others who will want to read, listen and watch.”

This is good news for you.

If you know the right way to engage others through social media, you can form new partnerships, new JVs, referrals and even solidify your existing business relationships through social media and all without caring for one second about what keywords you’re using and even if your content is showing up in the search engines.

I’d like to hear about your networking experiences.

How has social media changed your business?

How has it helped you connect to others?

What kinds of response times have you seen by simpy reaching out and introducing yourself to someone?

Before using social media, was networking a part of your business activities?

Sound off below.