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Your Personal Brand in the Media

It used to be really expensive and difficult to advertise yourself to the world. In fact, unless you were the president of Coca-Cola or Shell Oil, it was pretty unlikely that anyone was going to write an article about you or put your face on television. Luckily, today, anyone has access to public scrutiny and… Continue Reading

The Four Pillars of Standing Out Online

Using the Internet to gain exposure, position yourself, attract and maintain new business has never been easier. Thanks to the continued growth of the Internet, especially due to the explosive growth of new social media web sites you can build relationships with people around the globe. You can share your passions and add value to… Continue Reading

What does your personal brand have in common with a can of Coke?

One of the biggest misconceptions I think people have about personal branding is that you don’t have a personal brand until you create it. Perhaps these people are way too into existentialism, but if you exist you already have a personal brand. That brand is reflected in every interaction you have with another person. Their… Continue Reading

Even Moses Couldn’t Do It All By Himself: Leadership Matters

To be an effective leader, you have to be willing to take the first step. It takes courage and commitment. Share your vision. Make it clear. Expect ridicule to come from all directions (even from those you’re there to lead). Get into motion. I was talking to my friend Dan Schawbel the other day. He’s… Continue Reading

How to do successful

What comes first? Having success or being successful? Who gets to tell you when you’re there? More importantly, who gets to tell you when you’re not there? There’s a funny paradox in the world: countless dollars are spent on books and materials teaching how to DO things and yet what is the essential source of… Continue Reading

Think and Grow Rich: Chapter 13: The Brain

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] CHAPTER 13 THE BRAIN: A BROADCASTING AND RECEIVING STATION FOR THOUGHT The Twelfth Step toward Riches Own this audio recording of Think and Grow Rich on MP3 today. Click Buy Now and you will receive a download link for the MP3 files. MORE than twenty years ago, the… Continue Reading