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Terms that make me chuckle: Survivorship bias

Survivorship bias is based on the claim there is a logic error in concentrating on the people or things that "survived"—or succeeded— some process and overlooking all the failures from the same system. It’s often used to beat up on anyone who writes a book on investment or business strategy. The reality is that most…

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Why Brand Yourself?

Has someone else ever decided for you: who you are, what you’re good at, what you should be doing in your career, etc., thereby limiting you and your success? You’re not alone! Those people branded you! But you can get it back and brand yourself. Learn some of the secrets of branding yourself (without getting…

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How to do successful

What comes first? Having success or being successful? Who gets to tell you when you’re there? More importantly, who gets to tell you when you’re not there? There’s a funny paradox in the world: countless dollars are spent on books and materials teaching how to DO things and yet what is the essential source of…

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