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I have an original manuscript for Think and Grow Rich and a complete spoken recording of it as well. The information in this book is so valuable I’m happy to share this with everyone. To listen to this first chapter, simply click the play button above. The audio should start playing more or less immediately depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

"Poverty and riches are both a product of thought," said Napoleon Hill. If we study the events behind economic problems in this country it’s easy to see the truth in that statement. Even in the middle of what the media tells us is a recession, you will find people experiencing increase. The number one factor in the turn-around of any downturn in an economy is the development of SMALL BUSINESS growth. Small businesses can only be formed and grown because of the vision of people who realize that the only way out is forward.

Each of us can help others by helping them change their thinking. It’s often not something you can simply tell them to do and I have found this book to be a major catalyst in changing thoughts about wealth and mindset in many of my closest friends.

Over the coming weeks, I will add the chapters to this important book. Please share this information with others by sending them hear to read these words and listen to it as well.

Listing of Chapters

Think and Grow Rich: Chapter 1: Introduction

Think and Grow Rich: Chapter 2: Desire

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 3: Faith

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 4: Auto-Suggestion

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 5: Specialized Knowledge

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 6: Imagination

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 7: Organized Planning

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 8: Decision

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 9: Persistence

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 10: The Master Mind

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 11: The Mystery of Sex

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 12: The Subconscious

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 13: The Brain

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 14: The Sixth Sense

Think and Grow Rich:Chapter 15: Outwit the Ghosts of Fear

This text and audio is based on the original manuscript and IS NOT in the Public Domain. You may visit these pages and send your friends here, but these unique creative works are not released for other web sites.

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