Shout out to Punkie

DSC00719-1A year ago, I lost my dog in a tragic accident. As the neighbors helped out by literally picking up the pieces, I wrote this post.

My July 4th last year was spent at the farm as my friend Lili literally put the pieces back together so I could bury Punkie under a willow tree. Not exactly good times, but she actually has a permit for “real” fireworks so we had a good time blowing things up that evening too.

Life moves on.

The past couple of months have had some amazing highs and some fairly low, lows. Through it all though, I’m happy to say that I always seem to be surrounded by friends. Some are consistently there. Some are transient. Some appear from nowhere and seem to be exactly the kind of influence I need at the time.

Amazing stuff.

While July 4th is a day to celebrate independence, freedom and autonomy wouldn’t be all that interesting if we lived in individual caves and never interacted. It’s a time for friends and friendship.

Have a great one.

Live a story worth telling.


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