Screen On the Green is Back

First, a party to kick of the Screen on the Green season here in Washington, DC.

Next, a sweet lineup of films

July 12 – Goldfinger

July 19 – The Goodbye Girl

July 26 – 12 Angry Men

August 2 – Bonnie and Clyde

Each film starts playing at dusk on a projection screen located on the National Mall between 4th and 7th St, NW.

If you’re from outside of DC, we call the big landing strip of open grass—between the Washington Monument and Congress—“The Mall.”

It’s probably some Free Mason thing.

For a bit more info on the Screen on the Green project, check out program director Jesse Rauch in this News Channel 8 appearance.

Here’s some additional history on Screen on the Green.

This is great entertainment, and it’s free. Sure it’s hot outside, but it’s hot everywhere around here. Suck it up and have some fun.

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